Supply Chain Quality Challenges Solved by GSQA®

Material specifications evenly distributed?

Manufacturers provide specifications to suppliers to control the finished product quality. In many companies, specification distribution to suppliers varies by plant, supplier, material and where used within the product. How do manufacturers control specification distribution with all of these variables?

Specification management plays a critical role in managing finished-good quality. Even with the critical nature of this function, consistent specification management can vary by product, by supplier, by engineering team, and (unfortunately) by the technology available.

These variations present significant challenges when updating material specifications. Updates are not uniformly received or acknowledged. Suppliers ship materials that no longer comply with the new requirements. These miscommunications result in scrap, rework and excessive containment costs when a material change occurs, and production is disrupted.

Procurement professionals may not even know the financial impact of these disruptions. Most likely, these events are not recorded in their scorecards. The data is difficult to gather because the technology tools neither measure nor track disruptions when specifications change. It becomes a cost of doing business.

Our solution: Delivered as an Internet application (Software as a Service or SaaS), GSQA® provides a means to manage and update supplier-focused specifications. Having the right information with your suppliers at the right time virtually eliminates incorrect shipments and out-of-specification materials. GSQA® automates specification management, eliminating guess work and its direct costs.

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