Privacy Policy

EMNS Inc. makes all reasonable efforts to safeguard customer information, and does not disseminate customer information without consent to any third party under any circumstances. EMNS Inc. does not sell or distribute customer or user e-mail address lists to marketers, spammers, or any other individual or organization. This policy describes how EMNS Inc. uses the information it collects.

Customer Information Collected

EMNS Inc. collects contact information from all customers for the purpose of identity verification and billing. Information collected at time of signup that identifies an individual includes contact person name and e-mail address. This information is stored securely and separately from all other information. This information is strictly for EMNS' internal use to maintain customer services, and is never viewable or useable by any outside party.

The customer can add additional contact persons once an account is opened for the purpose of assigning loosely defined roles within an organization, such as "Billing contact" and "Technical contact". The only information required by EMNS Inc. when a customer adds a new contact person that may identify that person as an individual is the person's name and a working e-mail address; however, the customer can optionally add up to three separate phone numbers and a fax number. Contact persons can be completely removed from the system by the customer at any time. For purposes of identifying who has legal ownership of an account at EMNS Inc., at least one contact person with all roles defined and a working e-mail address must exist for an account.

Web Site Cookies

Some features and functions of this web site, use cookies. A cookie is a small amount of data sent by the web site to the user's browser. The information includes web site preferences, and never contains personally identifiable information such as user names or e-mail addresses, or secure information such as passwords. If users prefer not to have the web site store information, cookies can be disabled in the user's browser. The browser's online help, or the browser's vendor, must be consulted in order to turn cookies off. Turning off cookies may disable portions of the web site.

More Information

If you require more information on EMNS Inc.'s privacy policy and how personal information is used, please send e-mail to: