Statistics and Business Intelligence


Business intelligence applications provide analysis for data generated from business applications. They usually include financial reporting, accounting reports and invoicing information.

GSQA® gathers information for supply chain material quality performance analysis. GSQA® collects, stores and analyzes material quality data. GSQA then applies standard statistical process control (SPC) algorithms to this information, showing if a characteristic is statistically "in control", as well as correlating various process and material characteristics with production results. This information shows cause and effect, ultimately improving confidence levels within your supplier base, resulting in higher production yields.

Features and Benefits

How it Works

When a supplier ships a material, or a production batch is completed for a certain phase of internal processing, GSQA collects the batch level test data and COA information for each material characteristic. Without GSQA, this information is static and expensive to correlate, preventing the simple analysis to improve productivity. GSQA's platform systematically stores each characteristic for each shipment and each production batch, statistically analyzes the information over time, and displays user friendly reports, proactively alerting purchasing, operations and the supplier to unacceptable conditions.

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